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Exquisite craftsmanship in CNC marble flooring designs, luxury marble handicrafts, marble mandirs, murtis, and stunning wall elevations epitomizes the pinnacle of fine marble artistry, as showcased by Shakti Handicrafts. CNC marble flooring, with its precision-cut patterns, transforms spaces into luxurious havens of elegance and sophistication. Complementing these floors are intricate marble handicrafts, each piece a testament to meticulous artistry and tradition. Shakti Handicrafts’ marble mandirs, crafted with devotion and detail, serve as serene sanctuaries, while murtis, carved with lifelike precision, exude divine beauty. Stunning marble wall elevations, with their seamless integration of form and function, create breathtaking focal points in any architectural setting. Together, these elements showcase the timeless allure and unparalleled skill inherent in marble craftsmanship, making Shakti Handicrafts a leader in the field.


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From Idea to Impact Crafting Success

We start by carefully choosing top-quality materials like marble, sandstone, composite, or granite blocks to ensure superior products.

Our advanced CNC wire saw machines cut selected blocks with precision, while edge-cutting machines transform them into the required sizes and shapes.
Our expert team uses CNC routers and custom 3D programming to bring intricate designs to life, aligning them precisely with customer-provided drawings. Artisans then apply meticulous hand-finishing techniques.
Stringent quality checks are performed at every stage. We ensure careful packaging and handling during the loading process. For projects requiring it, our experienced fitters offer on-site services for seamless product integration.
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As an ecommerce store founder of marble handicrafts, I've been a loyal customer of Shakti Handicrafts in Kishangarh for years. Their consistent delivery of high-quality and diverse products never fails to impress me. The added benefit of customization and personalization options further enhances the shopping experience. Whenever I seek marble handicrafts, Shakti Handicrafts in Kishangarh is always my first choice.

Anil Mehta
Ecommerce Website Founder

I presented my friend with a marble Buddha statue from Shakti Handicrafts in Kishangarh for her birthday, and she was absolutely delighted. The intricacy and tranquility of the statue, coupled with the exquisite meenakari work, left her in awe. It truly is an ideal gift for any occasion. Shakti Handicrafts offers a splendid assortment of marble handicrafts in Kishangarh at reasonable prices.

Neha Gupta

I recently purchased a marble statue of Lord Ganesha from Shakti Handicrafts in Kishangarh, and I'm absolutely astonished by the exceptional quality and craftsmanship. The statue arrived in impeccable condition and adds a divine ambiance to my home. I express my heartfelt appreciation for your outstanding service and remarkable marble handicraft product.

Ramesh Kumar
Home Owner
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